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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Is There A Cure For This?

I've become an ebay addict.

In the last two or three days, I have spent almost $150 -- all on dishware. But it's not just any dishware. It's Corelle's Spring Blossom/Crazy Daisy pattern and it's been discontinued. I was given a set of the stuff years ago from an old boyfriend's mom who was upgrading. I've got plates, luncheon dishes, teacups, dessert plates and even bowls and saucers. But she didn't have glasses, the gravy boat or the butter dish. And over the years, one very good friend (hi, Monimania) found serving bowls and casserole dishes which she gave me to me and I love to use. I've complimented the set with some French White pieces Corelle makes, but it's not quite the same. I've always scoured thrift stores looking for any kind of matching pieces, and have found a few plates, but I had never thought about using ebay as a source to feed my addiction until Easter Sunday.

I did a search and there it was: plates, cups, glasses, bowls and salt and pepper shakers! I swear I could hear the angels singing and feel the radiant beams of heaven shining down on me. Suddenly, I could not stop myself from bidding. Glasses, gravy boats, casserole/serving dishes, you name it, I bid on it. I figure I'm going to be doing alot of entertaining over the years and I will need to have enough matching pieces. I like to have parties, mostly dinner type parties and while my dishes may not be Noritaki, the set is priceless to me. I bid on eight auctions in all! And I won all but one. There were two auctions being held for juice glasses, one being sold as a set of four and the other as a set of six. I bid on both but at the last minute someone else beat me out for the set of four but since I really wanted the set of six, I was okay with that. The auction that ended today, the one I really wanted, was a set of NINE glasses, three of them matching the juice glasses I'd already won so now I have NINE juice glasses and EIGHT water glasses. Whoo-hoo!

Now, at least when I have people over for dinner, I can finally offer them something to drink too!

Friday, April 06, 2007

If It Matters

I'm back! Does anyone still read this?