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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Big Plans

Oh, life is good and sweet and wonderful. I am going to my own, personal mecca this weekend: Corning, New York. If the name sounds at all famaliar to you, it's because that is where Corningware is made, the dishes that don't break (but smash into a million pieces when they do shatter). But that's besides the point.

I proudly own the pattern called, "Spring Blossom" which was popular in the '60's. I received the set from an ex-boyfriend's mother who was upgrading to something more modern. Since then, I have kept an eye out for any pieces that might turn up at thrift stores and garage sales. Thanks to some good friends, I've even been able to add larger serving bowls to the collection. This weekend, I will be on the hunt for the drinking glasses. I was thinking about adding the teacups but we'll see.

The town of Corning is supposed to be quaint and the streets lined with little shops and such. I'm excited to see it. There are more activities in the area -- it's in the Finger Lakes region which has become popular for some very good vineyards in recent years among other activities. It's a weekend of shopping -- for vintage kitchen!! Oh, I'm in heaven!


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