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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Something in the Air

The wind blew yesterday -- so what else is new around here?

Ah but yesterday's wind had a distinct odor. An odor of spring and new growth, of farmland coming to life. An odor of cow manure.

The wind was steady and it carried that odor far and wide. There's a lot of farmland around here so heaven only knows where it was coming from but it was there.

The problem with the odor of the cow manure in the wind is not the cow manure itself. It's that it reminded me of a ferocious wind storm Anchorage had last year. The wind was so strong that it caused signs to fall, awnings to come crashing down and traffic lights to sway like a little girl's rag doll. Have you ever been in the wind where it just takes your breath away? That's what that storm was like and I think most people were glad when it was over. But after it was over, one of the news anchors (this particular anchor thinks he's God's gift to TV news) at a TV station commented that there are lots of particles in the wind that we just don't see. In particular, he mentioned dog poop. Petrifed pieces of dog poop blowing in the wind. Now that's a pleasant thought and here I am, sniffing cow manure. And cows are much bigger than dogs.


  • might i know who this anchor is?? possibly have a name starting with t and a last name ending with t?

    the thought of dog poop particles makes me laugh. hahahaha.

    By Blogger Faith M., at 9:59 PM  

  • cow manure huh, you dont smell that here, I smell asphalt maybe but thats about it

    By Blogger Monica, at 8:37 AM  

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