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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

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I was ready to spit nails Tuesday night and let me tell you why. While I was preparing a Creamy Cucumber Salad for Wednesday's FRG meeting, a new show on CBS called "The Unit" came on. The gist of it is a special ops group that does the types of things special ops does. So while the husband is deployed to aid in some crisis, the wife who is unaware of her husband's real job, is just moving onto base and repeatedly states that she wants to live off-post (Problem #1: Since when do National Guard units live on post anyway?) and doesn't want to take delivery of her furniture. Problem #2: Why is she even in post housing if she didn't want it? Did her husband do this all on his own and not tell her anything? Say what you will about housing, but if you tell the housing office you don't want quarters, in my limited experience, they seem they would be more than happy to not deal with you.

So the story moves along and the other women in the group, after some lame discussion, tell her that her husband is in "the unit" and she's not to tell anybody anything ever about it, due to the secrecy and sensitive nature of the missions. I think most military spouses understand this. You can ask as many questions of your spouse about his job as you want. Not all of them will have answers. There are just some things that can't be answered for security's sake and given the choice between knowing or keeping my husband safe, there's only one obvious answer. Well this wife just isn't happy about anything and of course in a phone call to her sister while at the other woman's house no less, tells her sister to "turn on the news because that's where my husband is" And then the other woman walks in and tells her to hang up the phone because she's just put her (the other woman, not the wife) in danger.

I am annoyed at the portrayal of the wife. I realize I'm new to this whole army wife thing but I cannot imagine any wife being like that. No wife who loves her husband as this woman supposedly does in the story would ever do that. I am going to write CBS and complain. Otherwise, it wasn't too bad but the army's portrayal was a little stereotypical. There was a good line though that I think should become better known. It went, "There's truth in news and there's news in truth" or something like that.


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