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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Miss Popularity

All of a sudden, my social calendar is full.

I was invited to the Chamber of Commerce dinner Thursday night. I usually don't like work-related events because these types of things run long and are extremely boring but I must say this one wasn't too bad. The boss was buying everybody drinks so I ordered my usual, a dirty martini. But the temporary bar didn't have any olive juice so we had to wait. And wait. And wait some more. And then I had my drink. Before dinner, someone else bought me a drink too. And later I was asked if I wanted a third. Uh, no, thanks, I want to be able to drive home. And I did. I was home by 9:30pm and happy to be there.

Friday night was the company's Christmas party. Bad weather in December forced the cancellation then and it was finally scheduled for January. A bus was rented and we drove into Syracuse to eat at a Japanese restaurant. Ah, but even on the bus, beer was flowing. There were at least two cases and a bottle of Jim Beam. I had a beer. But at the restaurant I had a dirty martini which was good. I didn't want to mix drinks but I did. Ah, you only live once. After leaving the restaurant, we stopped at a bar. And there I had a Vodka Sprite. I drank it and found some of my co-workers at the bar where they insisted I have a shot of tequila. I have never had a shot of tequila before. All I could think of was a title of a song I've never heard, "Tequila Makes Your Clothes Fall Off" By now, it's obvious that not only do my co-workers drink - alot- they seem intent on getting me drunk. We left the bar and drove north with a stop in Pulaski where I had another vodka sprite. From there, we went home. Ah, but one of my co-workers was absolutely sloshed, in no condition to drive so we had the bus driver take her home but she lives on post so I was able to give directions once she figured out her address.

Then last night I received an invitation to a small party being held at the Colonel's house for my husband's unit. It was really only for officers but they invited me because, as I was told, "If we didn't want you here, we wouldn't have invited you." And they knew (obviously) Husband had deployed. And while there, I was offered drinks of all kinds but stuck with diet coke, which made me very happy. And much to my surprise, the colonel announced to all present that my name had been submitted for Volunteer of the Month and I won! I can't believe it, I didn't expect it. My picture goes in the post newspaper and I get my own medal (take that, Husband!). No doubt I will be famous and people will stop me in the mall asking for my autograph. I'd like to thank all the little people...


  • wow you are busier than I am, I basically do NOTHING, We have been tight with money and things seems to be getting worse!!!

    Sounds like things are going pretty well for you, when you do go out drinking have someone pick you up, I only have one wine if Im driving

    I had my 1st Tequila shot over maybe 3 years ago and it didnt make my clothes fall off but it made me HAPPy

    I LOVE dirty martinis!!

    By Blogger Monica, at 5:18 PM  

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