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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Whatever Works

The new computer is up and running. It's very nice, all shiny and new. It goes lickety-split and even better, it doesn't boot me off the internet like the other one did. Now I need to get all the stuff off the old one that I still want. It's mostly music and Husband's emails.

I had to bring the cat to the vet today. He's been sluggish and not eating of late. Sadly, my Husband who will soon be known as the "menace to kitty society," accidentally stepped on him while going downstairs in the dark. Since Shadow is entirely black, Husband did not see him and hence, the step. In the last two days, Shadow has discovered some great hiding places too. Anyway, because of these things, we went to the vet today. I worried that maybe he had internal injuries or something. Well, the vet poked, prodded and examined and he said (I swear I am not making this up) that Shadow was suffering from "psychological trauma" and was probably a little sore. So now he has some pain medication to take which we hope will help inspire his appetite. Also this week, he's supposed to see the vet on post for his operation to uh, remove his manhood, shall we say. But if you see him, don't mention it because I haven't told him yet.


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