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Saturday, November 19, 2005

A New Addition

We adopted a cat yesterday. He’s actually a 4 month old kitten. Husband was insistent we get Pounce a friend. I had been putting it off and putting it off because 1) I still miss Sorriso and didn’t want to “replace” her, and 2) I didn’t know how Pounce would take it. Husband insisted Pounce needed a friend so we met at the vet clinic on post around lunchtime. I had no sooner arrived at the clinic when I saw Husband with said cat who was trying to climb all over him. Husband said, “This is Blackie.” I said, “No, that’s Shadow” and hence that is how the cat got its name. I found out later that he was brought to the vet by the MP’s who found him wandering around.

Shadow is entirely all black. There is no other color on him except his green eyes. He was given his physical by the vet and he passed with flying colors. The techs said he even enjoyed his bath. Crazy cat. Husband brought him home after work on Friday and the meeting between Pounce and Shadow was uneventful. Pounce hissed once or twice but it was more for show than anything else. I am not sure Shadow knows what to make of Pounce yet. I had forgotten how much activity kittens have. For Shadow, exploring his new home meant trying to get into closets and cabinets. He also loves to follow me if I walk into or out of a room. He slept under the bed last night but he might have been keeping his distance from Pounce who was next to me.

In other news…. Snow has come to the North Country. An inch or so fell on Thursday. There were flurries on Friday with the morning low of 16 degrees. It’s sunny today which is good because the snow actually melts here, unlike Alaska where the snow you get in October stays with you until May.


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