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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Cook With Your Kids -- Ha!

We did have a wonderful visit. The niece, nephew and their parents arrived Saturday afternoon. When I had spoken to my 4 year old niece Friday night, she asked me if there were toys in Watertown and I replied yes. So what's the first question she asked when she walked in? She wants to know where the toys are. Well, I have a few stuffed animals and one blind cat. Take your pick. They were pretty good with Pounce though. I did have to show my 2 year old nephew how to pet him nicely (he wanted to use both hands and knead him or something. It was weird). I should mention here that at one point during the weekend, the cat had sticky fur as if little hands had pet him with something on them.

After dinner, I thought it would be fun to bake Halloween cookies. We needed an activity and I thought I could involve Niece in helping me to measure. And she was pretty good at it but she thought she need to pack the flour down. Nephew was content to watch the goings-on and so he did. The fun started when I turned on the mixer... I asked Niece to slowly add the flour, which she did but then her brother wanted to help too, so he climbed up on the chair where she was and picked up the bowl containing the flour and turned it over as if to add its contents to the batter, but instead missing the bowl entirely and making a huge white mess on the kitchen floor. You know, I didn't get upset. The only thing that bothered me was not knowing how much flour was left to add, so I guessed. We rolled out the batter and started to cut out the cookies using the pumpkin, ghost and witch cookie cutters.

Now, just a note about my oven. It's weird. The dial does not match up to where it clicks on. So I never know if I'm baking something or broiling it and the first batch of cookies came out very done so we watched them more carefully after that.

On Sunday, we went out to Sackets Harbor and went to the farm. We picked out pumpkins -- that was alot of fun for them. We also took a hayride and fed the cows, goats and pigs. The only problem Sunday was the weather. It was very windy and hence very cold. It would have been a great day otherwise.

Overall we did have fun and I hope they'll visit again. Next time I'll have toys and skip the baking altogether!


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