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Friday, September 16, 2005

Kitty Cat Update

Pounce had a check up yesterday at the vet. While waiting for the vet to come into the room, I reminded Pounce that he had already met Dr. Jank and did not need to be nervous. And would you believe that when he came in the room he even said, "Oh, hi Pounce!" which I liked, because in my mind, he cared enough about the cat to greet him.

Anyway, there is much improvement (at least until last night). He's using the litter box (making number 1 and number 2 -- like you all really need to know that) and there is no fever. At home I've also observed he's not meowing when he does relieve himself and he's eating well. There's still a bump on the tail -- what it is we may never know. He's still on antibiotics for another week and of course, he's still blind. Now about last night, Pounce freaked out while I was out doing laundry. He ran into the wall repeatedly -- even cutting himself and drawing blood while he relieved himself almost everywhere. Husband did his best to calm him down but it took about 10 minutes. I don't know what brought this on, but I'll continue to watch him before calling the vet again. He did take his antibiotic without any problem this morning.

Watching him navigate the room can be a little sad sometimes. He relies on voices and his whiskers to tell him who is where or how close to something (like a wall) he might be. He does okay though. I think it's harder on me than him. We've learned not to leave anything on the floor that might be hazardous top him and we are making every effort to speak to him when we (or he) enter a room so he knows we're there.

Much to our surprise we got a call from the Housing Office last week offering us a place in Watertown. It came sooner than we expected, that's for sure. Of course we jumped at it and went to look at it right away. It's very nice. It's bright with lots of windows and even has a garage. It's a zero lot-line townhouse style place. Now, we have to move with a blind cat which should be interesting. I did some internet research and asked the vet too. He should be kept in a room by himself until he gets used to it, and then move him from room to room doing the same thing. He's used stairs before but I'm worried this time since he can't see them. I read where you can use potpourri oil to mark the landings, I might try that.

Moving day is next week. Wish us luck!


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  • that post above is another spam, just delete it, I am so glad to hear that Pounce is doing better, hes probably just freaked becasue of his blindness, hes not used to it!!

    and of course BEST of luck on the new place, I will be sending you decorating tips soon!!!

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