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Thursday, February 23, 2006

The Question Answered

A few weeks ago, I suggested to the Lieutenant Colonel's wife that we make little treat bags for the deploying soldiers. I had thought of it when Husband deployed. There was alot of hurry up and wait that day and we waited for hours. And even after the soldiers boarded the buses to the airfield, they waited some more at the airfield before they actually boarded planes and left. And while I sat there at the motor pool and waited for something to happen, the thought occurred to me that it would have been nice to "do something". So the idea that came was to make bags using the quart size with the zippered tops and fill them with individual cracker packages, granola bars, candy -- whatever, that the soldiers could take with them. And that is what I suggested to the Colonel's wife. She loved the idea and the plan went into action.

A group met this evening to assemble the bags. I walked into the room and was amazed at what people had brought or donated. There were packs of gums, individually wrapped Slim Jims, raisins, packaged crackers, hard candy, miniature chocolate bars. Someone even thought to bring Brush Ups (the fingertip toothbrush), marshmallow krispie treats (the Little Debbie kind) and more. There was so much I'm not even sure I saw everything before it got packaged up. It was better than I ever imagined and I was so pleased it was well received. I think the soldiers will really appreciate it. And that's where my Saturday night plans come in. Colonel's wife asked, since it was my idea, if I wanted to distribute them. I sure as hell did! And doing this helps me accomplish several things:

1. I get to see some of our friends before they leave.
2. I can give Specialist A. a hug that she can pass along to Husband.
3. I now have something to do Saturday night.

However, before I return home, there will be a bottle of Grey Goose, chilling in the freezer waiting to be united with some olives and their brine and my glass. And I will toast the one I love, who is always in my heart even if he isn't here.


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