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Friday, February 10, 2006

$300 Paperweight

Yes, that's what the nice new (well, a few months old anyway) 27" TV is downstairs. It worked fine this morning and when I came home at lunch all I get on screen is "No Signal". Now, I did have it on this morning when I was getting ready for work. I used the remote to turn it on, and I used it again to turn it off. All I can figure is that I hit a button I shouldn't have on the remote but randomly pressing every button does not seem to be solving the problem!

But that was not going to be my topic tonight. No, not by any means. One of these days I will take the time to read the email thoroughly Ph-faith sent me about how to set up links to other blogs. In the meantime, here are three blogs I check daily, and you should too:
This lady has been a friend since kindergarden. She has lots of cool stuff and you should look at her stuff for sale on ebay.
Ph-faith is a lovely graduate student I used to work with in Alaska. One of these days she's going to be a psychologist and shrink my head. Well, not really. She wouldn't be allowed 'cause she knows me but maybe we can talk about ourselves in the third person, as in, "I have this friend..."
This is a female NYC cab driver and her blog is great. She was featured in the news as a human interest story a few weeks ago. Her blog has something like 20,000 hits from all the publicity. Ah, if only I could be so lucky...

I also go to which has blogs by both US soldiers and Iraqi citizens that make for some interesting reads.

So there you have it. My reading list.


  • hey thanks, i know others are better writers :) Mine is Fluff and Stuff, I am keeping alot of personl things off of the site lately, nothing bad , Ive just stuck to the light stuff lately :)

    By Blogger Monica, at 10:45 PM  

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