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Thursday, March 16, 2006

This Guy At Work

... is driving me crazy, and everyone knows it. In fact, on my first day there, and into the following week, everyone had something to say about this guy. This is what he does...

He goes around and turns off the lights in any office not occupied. This includes the front desk when the receptionist goes to lunch -- he turns out the light so the place looks closed.

Then there were the two empty soda cans I happened to leave on my desk. NY State has the bottle deposit law so I always save my cans for the 5 cents I'll get back (hey, five cents adds up!). Well, for reasons unbeknowst to me, he felt compelled to remove them. I walked in one day and they were gone. So the next time I had an empty soda can, I placed it by my coffee cup which I do not keep on my desk but on another shelf in my office. That too was gone the following day. Moving along...

He has this habit of (in my mind anyway) of trying to make it look like he hasn't been in my office when I'm not there. For example, if he has paperwork that has to be sent out, he tucks in the middle of the folder I have set aside full of other paperwork to be sent out. Mind you, it's not on top of the pile like most normal people would leave it. He deliberately places it in the middle of all the paperwork.

Then there was the time he removed from said folder all the DHL packing slips I had in there and moved them into another drawer. He never said a word about it, one day they just weren't there. I got so angry with him that I took that folder and tucked it away in the back of another drawer. That was a Friday afternoon. On Monday morning, I opened the drawer to find the folder and God almighty, he'd gone into my drawer to look for it! I could tell because there was his timesheet, tucked inside the folder like he always does.

But the icing on the cake came this week. A magazine arrived in the mail one day. It's a TV magazine called "Emmy" and one of the articles contained in it was a story about the reporters who had covered Hurricane Katrina. I wanted to read it, so I set it aside to read after lunch. I came back from lunch and didn't think about it -- until I found it in the recycle bin. I retrieved it and at the end of the day (because I hadn't had a chance to read the article) I put it away in a desk drawer. Can you guess? Can you guess? It was gone the next day.

Some of my co-workers suggest I talk to him but if I do, about the most civil I could manage to be would be only to rip him a new a$$hole. Who gives him the right to remove objects from desks and turn off lights? He's been told repeatedly not to do it, and still he does. Why is this moron still employed? What has happen for him to become a former employee?

I have tried exacting my own sense of justice for what's it worth. When I walk by his office and he's not in it, I turn off his light.


  • do you think he has a mental disorder? maybe he secretly fancies you. yes, you must confront him. i guess it could be worse, and he could be himself mixed with the personality of person who i shared an office with back during our superstation days. AHHHHH.

    By Blogger Faith M., at 2:32 AM  

  • Hmm I would just star doing the same to him,

    is there a human resource you can speak to about this person,

    It was a rule in my place that you weren't allowed to go through the drawers of other peoples desks.....

    By Blogger Monica, at 8:15 AM  

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